Marina Alekseeva: Musical Director and Conductor of Elegy Chamber Choir 

Marina Alekseeva was born in 1955 in Moscow.

She began her musical education in the early childhood. Marina studied at choral school headed by well known Russian choral conductor Alexander Ponomarev and sang in the Children's choir "Vesna" created by him - nowadays this choir is the winner of many prestigious international competitions. After graduation from the school she has been working here up to now as choral master and teacher of a range of music subjects.

Marina Alekseeva received professional music education in Moscow Musical College named after ..Ippolitov-Ivanov (1976) and the Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory named after M.I.Glinka (1985) where she was trained in a class of professor Anatoly Ezhov.

Since 1997 Marina has been working in one of secondary schools in Moscow as choral master of childrens choirs. She is awarded with some prices: the winner of the premium The Grant of Moscow, the winner of the Moscow competition Young talents of Moskovia, the winner of the Moscow competition Christmas Song.

Since 1992 Marina has been singing in the Chamber choir "Elegy", later she became a choral master here. Marina Alekseeva headed the choir in September 2008.

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